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Specialists in LVL Lashes and HD Brows in Leeds

At Skin Deep Ltd, we offer a range of treatments to enhance the natural appearance of your eyes. We can help define and reshape your eyebrows through tinting, texturing and threading, or lengthen and volumise your eyelashes, to give them the lift they need. Below, we’ve run through our most popular eye treatments, including eyelash extensions, HD brows and LVL lashes – areas in which we specialise. Should you wish to book an appointment at our Leeds beauty salon, be sure to give us a call on 0113 275 1715.

HD Brows


We can tint the natural colour of your eyebrows and thread them into shape, creating what we call HD brows. The threading technique removes unwanted hair directly from the follicle and shapes the eyebrow by removing rows of hair simultaneously. Before the treatment, our Leeds beauty experts will discuss how HD brows can complement your look by recommending sizes, shapes and different tinting colours.


  • £25 with free top up tint*


* Free top up tiny within 21 days of treatment


Here are some questions you may be wondering about HD brows:


What if my eyebrows are too thin or overplucked already?

You don’t have to worry about the thinness of your natural eyebrows. During the professional consultation, we can discuss with you proven alternatives to threading or texturing thicker eyebrows. These beauty salon treatments include remedies that stimulate hair growth. Otherwise, we can apply make-up to your brows instead.


How long will the treatment take and how long will the results last?

Threading and tinting eyebrows can take up to 45 minutes. HD brows can last up to 6 weeks before we advise booking a follow-up session at our beauty salon in Leeds.

Treatments for Your Eyes


We can trim and tint your eyebrows, as well as tint your eyelashes. If this is the first time you’re having your eyebrows tinted, you’ll need to stop by for a quick tint test 24 hours before your treatment. You don’t need to make an appointment. If you’re in the Leeds area, our beauty salon consultants will quickly fit you in.


Look at the prices for our tinting and threading packages here:


• Eyelash Tint at £12

• Eyebrow HD Tint (lasts up to 4 weeks) £14

• Eyebrow Tint at £8

• Eyebrow HD Tint  (lasts up to 4 weeks) at £10

• Eyelash and Brow Tint £17

• Eyebrow Trim £9.50

• Party lashes applied with normal glue £15

• Party lashes applied with normal glue £25

• HD Brows at £25


Weekend lashes variety of strip lashes

• To Buy £5

• To Be Applied includes a set of lashes £10

Semi-Permanent Lashes

Semi-Permanent, beautiful eyelashes that can last up to 2 months giving you natural, longer lashes that don't need mascara.

Glamorous £60

Infills £25

Natural £48

Infills £15

Outer Edges £32.50

Infills £7.50

Removal £10

*Patch test required 24 hours before

LVL Lashes


The LVL in LVL lashes stands for length, volume and lift. We use a special serum to straighten your eyelashes and improve their length, which can disappear after you curl them. Once the LVL lashes treatment has been applied, you can have your brand-new, enhanced eyelashes tinted, instead of using mascara.

If you’re out and about in Leeds, discover more about LVL lashes by popping into our beauty salon for a free consultation.


How long is the effect of LVL lashes?

You will notice the length diminishes after 2 months. However, this depends on how often your lashes naturally shed. Arrange to come back to our Leeds salon for treatments every 6 weeks so you can get the best results.


How are LVL lashes different to eyelash extensions?

LVL lashes are not extensions to your natural eyelashes. Instead, the treatment boosts their length by lifting and volumising them. 


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Eyelash Extensions


Temporary eyelash extensions can last from 2 to 4 weeks, whereas semi-permanent eyelashes last for up to 2 months. Ideally, we recommend that our Leeds customers return for touch-ups during this time or we can apply new extensions for you.


Express Lashes


We apply one by one to your natural eyelashes, our high quality extensions are tapered to imitate your own lashes for a flawless look, must be removed after two weeks (takes 40 minutes).



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Semi-Permanent Lashes


These Hollywood-style extensions last longer and you don’t need to add any mascara. Before you try semi-permanent lashes, visit us at our Leeds beauty salon for a test, 24 hours prior to the treatment.


£45.00 to £60.00


Discover HD brows and LVL lashes at our beauty salon in Leeds. Call us on 0113 275 1715 or pop in to discuss our full range of eye treatments.

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