St Tropez Tanning, Shellac Nails & Gel Nails
in Leeds at our Established Beauty Salon

Skin Deep is a beauty salon in Leeds with a wide range of treatments for you to choose from. If you want a manicure ahead of a party or a special occasion, why not add shellac or gel nails to your look? We use the best branded products to keep you, your nails and your body looking great. Skin Deep even has a choice of spray tans to give you that elusive sun-kissed glow all year round.

To find out more about these treatments, and more, call our beauty salon on 0113 275 1715. Alternatively, pop into our premises personally. You can find us in the Headingley area of Leeds.

Manicures and Pedicures

Revitalise your hands and feet with manicures and pedicures from Jessica Natural Nail Care. Treatments at our beauty salon in Leeds include an analysis of your nails before our technicians contour them. We treat the cuticles, apply a base coat and colour, and follow up with a relaxing hand massage.

We recommend that you check out our complete range of shellac and gel nails to inspire your new look.


  • Full manicure for £22.00
  • French manicure for £23.00
  • File and polish for £12.00
  • French polish for £11.00
  • Mini Miss manicure (children under 14) for £14.00
  • Deluxe Manicure for £28.00 – A manicure where we finish the hands by placing them in thermal mittens to ease aches and pains, and to rehydrate skin
  • Le Remedi by Jessica for £15.00 – This hand rejuvenation technique transforms the hands to make them look smooth, youthful, soft and more attractive
  • Combined with a manicure for £28.00

Callus Peel

The callus peel gives you the gift of feet that feel like new, but without our technicians using blades. This treatment softens hard calluses quickly. We scrape and file calluses to leave the skin feeling soft and clean.

  • 30 minutes for £25.00
  • 3 treatments, fortnightly, for £65.00


  • Pedicure for £24.00  
  • French pedicure for £25.00
  • File and polish for £12.00
  • French polish for £13.00
  • Deluxe pedicure for £26.00 – A pedicure where we finish the feet by placing them in thermal boots to ease aches and pains, and to help prevent dry skin
  • Super deluxe pedicure for £35.00 – A complete 75-minute treatment, covering all of the above, and which includes a foot scrub, a massage, and heel repair cream

Jessica Geleration

The Geleration manicure from Jessica, with polish, lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and dries instantly. These are gel nails at their best, and a popular choice at our friendly salon in Leeds.

  • Gel polish application (fingers or toes) for £25.00
  • Gel French polish for £28.00
  • Gel glitter for £28.00
  • Gel polish with manicure for £35.00
  • Gel polish with pedicure for £39.00
  • Jessica full manicure with French polish for £38.00
  • Jessica full pedicure and French polish for £42.00
  • Soak-off treatment for £8.00

Deluxe Treatments

Our technicians use a refined selection of oils and creams as part of each deluxe manicure and pedicure treatment. These oils and creams soften the cuticles, improve circulation and relax sore or stiff joints. We even use thermal mittens on your hands and feet.

Le Remedi Hand Treatment

This luxury treatment is a popular choice with our Leeds clients. We cleanse your hands and exfoliate the skin, then apply a masque and a liposome serum. Le Remedi treatments make the hands smoother, softer and firmer to the touch.

  • Luxury hand treatment for £15.00
  • Luxury hand treatment with a manicure for £28.00

Shellac Nails

Similar to gel nails, a shellac manicure is a gel and polish combination. Applications last for 2 weeks without needing a touch-up. Your nails dry quickly using shellac LED technology for a perfect finish.

  • Shellac application (fingers and toes) for £20.00
  • Shellac and French polish for £23.00
  • Shellac with a manicure for £30.00
  • Shellac with a pedicure for £34.00
  • Shellac full manicure and French polish for £35.00
  • Shellac full pedicure and French polish for £37.00
  • Soak-off treatment for £5.00

Minx Nail Armour

To make gel nails look even more fashionable, our beauty salon in Leeds uses Minx Nail Armour. This is a foil coating that transfers a glitter design onto your fingernails or toenails. These adhesive designs last for between three and five weeks.

  • Minx foil wrap for £20.00

Spray Tans

Clients can choose St Tropez products to achieve a desirable bronze look. The benefit of a spray tan is that you can create a healthy glow without suffering from harmful UV effects. If you’re new to spray tanning, we recommend that you avoid using foundation, or wearing jewellery, ahead of a visit to our beauty salon.

If you do, you will need to remove your jewellery beforehand, and wash off make-up and deodorant. These products affect how your skin reacts to the tan.

St. Tropez (Classic and Express)

  • St. Tropez (Classic and Express) for £25.00

Specialist Appointments

We are proud to work in partnership with cosmetic tattooists who visit our beauty salon in Leeds regularly.

We apply shellac, hard gel and soft gel nails for clients in the Leeds area. Call 0113 275 1715 for appointments and a full supporting range of treatments.