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Skin Deep Laser & Beauty clinic, an established beauty salon in the Headingley area of Leeds, has a range of treatments available to enhance the natural appearance of your eyes. Our technicians define and reshape eyebrows using tinting, texturing and threading techniques. We also add length and volume to eyelashes to give them much-needed lift. 

The most popular eye treatments at our beauty salon include HD brows, henna brows and LVL lashes.

Should you wish to arrange an appointment with Daniela or a member of her team, please call us on 0113 275 1715. In addition to the following beauty treatments, we specialise in skin tag removal, laser hair removal and facial treatments.

HD Brows

We can tint the natural colour of your eyebrows and wax them into shape to create HD brows. This technique removes unwanted hair directly from the follicle. It shapes the eyebrow by removing rows of hair simultaneously. Before the technicians at our beauty salon in Headingley administer this technique, they take the time to discuss how HD brows can complement the look of clients from across the Leeds area.

Waxing and tinting your eyebrows can take up to 45 minutes. HD brows last for up to 6 weeks before we advise booking in for a follow-up session at our beauty salon in Leeds.

HD Brows

45 minutes - £30.00

Henna Brows and Shaping

As an alternative to HD brows, we have seen first-hand how henna brows have taken the world by storm and transformed the appearances of clients from Headingley and the surrounding areas. Made from the natural dye of the Hina tree, henna is a tint used to stain the skin immediately beneath the eyebrow hairs. The henna tint lasts for up to a fortnight on the skin, and for approximately thirty days on the hairs.

Traditional tinting only colours the hair. Henna treatments produce a fuller, darker brow by colouring the skin too.

Henna Brows and Shaping


Nouveau LVL Lash Lift

Visit our beauty salon in Headingly, Leeds, for revolutionary LVL lash lifting which adds length and volume to natural lashes. This treatment is an excellent alternative to lash extensions and for perfecting your look irrespective of whether your own lashes are long, short, thick or stubborn.

This is a lasting, low-maintenance treatment that enhances the eyelashes whilst still maintaining a natural look.

Our treatment creates the aesthetic of longer, fuller lashes and make your eyes appear wider and younger, as well as saving you valuable time with your morning routine. 

Nouveau LVL Lash Lift


Prices for additional treatments include:

  • Eyelash Lycocil Tint - £15.00

  • Eyebrow Lycocil Tint - £15.00

  • Eyebrow Wax or Tweeze - £15.00

  • Eyelash and Brow Tint - £25.00

  • Eyebrow Tint Plus Wax - £25.00

We will need to conduct a patch test at least 24 to 48 hours before any tinting, henna or lash lift treatment.

Skin Deep Laser and Beauty clinic also applies gel nails.

Hands, Feet and Gel Nails

The technicians at Skin Deep Laser & Beauty Clinic offer a broad range of services related to hands, feet and nails. We predominantly use crystal nails, a product that continues to lead the market and one which we believe to be superior to any other product currently available in the wellbeing sector.

Clients from Leeds can visit our beauty salon in Headingley to benefit from a wide range of treatments.


Skin Deep Laser & Beauty Clinic understands the importance of good hand and skin care. We can offer manicures, exciting new nails and a wider range of treatments using electrolysis to rid the hands of small blemishes, marks and skin tags.

Our service range for hands includes:

Crystal Nail Manicure  

The perfect option for natural nail fans in the local Leeds and Headingley areas. This treatment enhances the beauty of natural nails through relaxed, restorative treatments which primarily focus on the cuticles and the skin. 

  • 1 hour - £25.00

Crystal Nail Full Manicure and Polish Application (File, Shape, Cuticle Work, Polish Application)

  • 1 hour and 30 minutes – £28.00

Crystal Nail Gel Polish (Cuticle, Shape and Colour)

A gel polish with chip-free and smudge-free application. This is an especially popular treatment for clients with healthier natural nails. Every gel polish treatment includes shaping of the nail, a cuticle tidy and product application in your personal choice of colour for the perfect finish. 

Treatments require maintenance every 2 to 3 weeks. 

  • 1 hour 30 minutes - £30.00

  • French Extra - £5.00

Crystal Nail Gel Polish Overlays (Cuticle, Shape and Colour)

The application of a flexible gel to the top of natural nails, providing them with additional strength and better growth. This is a hardwearing but flexible solution which works well for those who prefer a more natural look but sometimes struggle to grow their own nails. Treatments include nail shaping, tidying of the cuticles and application of our product in your preferred choice of finish.

Treatments require maintenance every 3 to 4 weeks. 

  • 2 hours - £35.00

  • French Extra - £5.00

Hard Gel Extension

If you are struggling to grow your own natural nails, then this treatment is the best option for you.

  • 2 hours - £45.00

  • Nail extension infill (every 4 to 5 weeks) – £40.00


It isn’t unusual for some of our clients to overlook foot care but our beauty salon in Headingley feels that every person who walks through our doors deserves a top-to-bottom service that leaves them feeling like a million dollars from head to toe.

Crystal Nail Pedicure

Spa pedicure with callus removal, shape, full cuticle work and polish application. A deep cleanse, exfoliation and hydration for excessively dry foot skin. This is a calming pedicure for the spirit which leaves feet soft, supple and with perfectly finished toes.

  • 1 hour - £35.00

Gel on toes (Cuticle, Shape and Gel Application)

  • 1 hour - £33.00

File and Polish Toes

  • 30 minutes - £15.00

  • 1 hour - £28.00

Crystal Nail Full Pedicure and Gel Application (Cuticle, Shape, Callus Removal and Gel Application) 

Hard skin removal, cuticles groomed, toenails shaped and toes finished to perfection with a crystal nail gel polish.

  • 2 hours - £39.00

Gel Removal

Removal of gel polish from fingers or toes. Treatment includes a file and shape of the nails for an attractive finish.

  • 30 minutes - £12.00

  • Gel Removal and Manicure - £30.00

Deluxe Crystal Nail Pedicure

Enjoy a full Pedicure at Skin Deep. The treatment includes cuticle work, callus removal and application of your chosen polish.

This is a luxurious, effective treatment for feet which combines our crystal nail products with thermal mittens. This enables deeper penetration of oils and creams to soften the cuticles, improve circulation and soothe stiff joints.

Your feet will feel soft, smooth and firmer, and our treatments leave both looking infinitely more youthful.

  • 2 hours - £45.00

Deluxe Crystal Nail GEL Pedicure

Enjoy a full Pedicure at Skin Deep. The treatment includes cuticle work, callus removal and application of the GEL of your choice.

This is an effective, luxurious treatment for feet which combines our crystal nail products with thermal mittens to soften the cuticles, improve circulation and soothe stiff joints.

Your feet will feel soft, smooth and firmer, and our treatments leave both looking infinitely more youthful.

  • 2 hours - £49.00

Callus Treatment

This callus peel leaves the feet feeling like new. This is an advanced treatment that softens hard calluses quickly. Our technicians will scrape and file your calluses to leave your skin feeling soft, clean and looking spectacular.

This is another 4-stage treatment which combats the impact of dry skin, calluses and cracked heels. This is a safe, hygienic and painless procedure which only takes a short 20 minutes to move from zero to having perfect super-soft feet. 

Callus peels suit both male and female clients, and they can transform the feel and look of your feet in no time at all.

  • 30 minutes - £25.00

We also offer a full range of complementing treatments at our beauty salon in the Headingley area of Leeds, including the addition of lashes and brows to accentuate the face and eyes.

Our technicians also specialise in skin tag removal.


Visit our combined salon and clinic in Headingley to enjoy a massage in the hands of our caring team. A massage is a relaxation and healing technique used over many centuries to treat those suffering from stress and muscle tension.

  • Experience less stress and more relaxation

  • Reduce pain, soreness and tension

  • Better circulation and more alertness

  • Lower your blood pressure and heart rate

  • Improve immunity and feel better in yourself

Deep Tissue Back Massage

£30.00 for 35 minutes

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

£45 for 60 minutes

Facial and Décolleté Massage

£25 for 20 minutes

Lycon Hot Wax

With a patented low-temperature formula, Lycon hot waxes see our technicians shrink-wrap and remove hairs in as short a length as 1mm. Hair removal using this beauty treatment is both pliable and painless for most clients. Should our technicians experience stubborn hairs, we can reapply Lycon hot wax multiple times.

We can do this without causing skin trauma or irritation, and without the wax becoming too hot to still feel comfortable.

  • Eyebrows - £15.00

  • Lip - £12.50

  • Chin - £12.50

  • Nasal - £10.00

  • Underarm - £15.00

  • Bikini - £18.50

  • Hollywood/Brazilian Including Peri-Anal - £35.00

Lycon Strip Wax

  • Upper Lip or Chin - £10.00

  • Upper Lip and Chin - £15.00

  • Eyebrows - £15.00

  • Full Leg - £28.00

  • Full Arm - £20.00

  • Half Arm - £15.00

  • Full Chest Wax - £22.00

  • Back Wax - £22.00


  • Eyebrows – £12.00

  • Lips - £10.00

  • Chin - £7.00

  • Cheeks - £10.00

  • Full Face - £30.00

Call our beauty salon on 0113 275 1715 to discuss our full range of treatment. We are located in Headingley.
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