Skin Tag Removal in Headingley
Removing Tags and Blemishes at Our Beauty Salon

Are you aware that our beauty salon can undertake skin tag removals and permanently rid your skin of blemishes in as few as 15 minutes? Too many people go through their entire lives suffering the stigma of skin tags and blemishes not knowing there are options available. We usually point out blemishes to clients when they visit us at our Headingley premises, and it surprises them to know we have a treatment readily available.

Please contact us to find out more and visit our gallery to see the results we achieve.

During a skin tag removal treatment, we insert the same probes used for electrolysis hair removal in follicles

We cauterise skin tags with an electrolysis needle. This is a quick process, usually of no more than ten minutes, and one which causes minimal discomfort to clients from Leeds and those who visit us from the surrounding Yorkshire areas.

At our beauty salon in Headingley, we also use electrolysis to remove blemishes.

Skin Tag Removal 

  • Single Tag - £65.00

  • Multiple Tags - £120.00

Spider Naevi, Blood Capillaries, Milia and Cherry Angioma

  • 15 minutes – £22.00         

  • 30 minutes - £33.00

  • 1 hour - £55.00

Skin Deep Laser & Beauty Clinic is also a specialist in innovative electrolysis hair removal techniques.

Call our beauty salon on 0113 275 1715 to discuss skin tag removal. We have premises in Headingley.
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