Electrolysis Hair Removal in Headingley
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Unwanted hair affects different people to different degrees and most use temporary methods of managing the problem. In addition to laser hair removal, electrolysis is still one of the most effective and permanent methods of removing hair. For this beauty treatment, the technicians at our beauty salon in Headingley insert a probe, similar in size to an eyelash, into the hair follicles.

A burst of energy passes through each follicle to target the hair roots. This slows down the feed of nutrients to the follicle and makes new hair growth much weaker and finer.

After an electrolysis hair removal treatment, follicles are unable to produce new hairs. Each follicle has an individual growth period so clients from Leeds may require multiple treatments until such a point as the follicles weaken.

This stops them from growing new hairs. The type of beauty treatment works especially well on the lips and the chin.

Electrolysis Hair Removal (Face Only)           

  • 15 minutes – £25.00         

  • 30 minutes - £35.00

  • 1 hour - £60.00

Lycon Waxing

At Skin Deep Laser & Beauty Clinic, we don’t just wax. We use a Lycon waxing system which provides our Leeds and Headingley clients with a treatment that nurtures and conditions even the most sensitive of skin. This is a comfortable treatment our beauty salon performs at low temperatures for a virtually pain-free removal.

Lycon waxing will not leave skin sticky, sore or tacky.

Call our beauty salon on 0113 275 1715 to discuss electrolysis removal. We have premises in Headingley.
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